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All of our products have been developed and tested using scientific research and field studies that demonstrate their effectiveness.


twinn TwinN is a combination of nitrogen fixing microbes that increases yield and increases roots and is used by conventional and organic growers. It is approved by OMRI Canada. Read More


reroot ReRoot encourages strong rooting and development and contains a proprietary blend of organic acids and natural chelators. Read More


pollinaid PollenAid supplies key nutrients for improved pollen hydration and pollen tube growth Read More


antistress Creates a semi-permeable elastic membrane that reduces moisture loss in plants during adverse weather. Read More

Reset Foliar

reset-foliar ReSet Foliar provides important nutrients for bud set and early spring growth. Read More

Reset Soil

reset-soil ReSet Soil provides a fertigation option to supply important nutrients for bud set and spring nutrition. Read More


ecokelp EcoKelp is a concentrated extract of the kelp species Ascophyllum Nodosum and is Ecocert approved for Organic Crop Production. Read More


kmax KMax is a source of potassium in an easy to absorb form for foliar applications during the fruit and grain development stage. Read More


For more information about any of our products, please get in touch.