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What is Anti-Stress 550?

Anti-Stress 550® is a non-toxic, biodegradable, water-based polymer coating which creates a semi-permeable elastic membrane that reduces moisture loss in plants during adverse weather

  • Water & Drought Stress
  • Frost & Freeze
  • Heat & Sunburn
  • Drying Winds (hot or cold)
  • Rapid Temperature Variations
  • Transplant Shock

Benefits of Anti-Stress 550® on berries, trees, vines & row crops:

  • Increased moisture retention in the plant tissue
  • Barrier against scarring and ice marking on fruit
  • Improves tolerance to frost and freeze by 4° - 6°F
  • Reduction in water usage
  • Reduction of sunburn damage to foliage and young fruit
  • Increased yields and plant quality

Anti-Stress 550®

  • Allos for normal stomatic activities
  • Does not interfere with photosynthesis
  • Will not inhibit pollination
  • Does not wash off during normal rainfull conditions
  • Allows for unrestricted plant growth
  • Permits natural leaf and plant flexibility

Application of Anti-Stress 550®

  • Anti-Stress 550® is most benefical when applied before stress occurs
  • During periods of frost and freeze it is important that trees be sprayed so that Anti-Stress 550® can completely dry before frost or freeze occurs.
  • Drying time for Anti-Stress 550® is the same as water in the same weather conditions
  • To reduce the affects of heat stress, Anti-Stress 550® should be applied before temperatures exceed 97°F
  • Anti-Stress 550® may be applied with most types of conventional farm, orchard or ground spray equipment, and helicopters
  • Apply Anti-Stress 550® at 30 - 60 day intervals as needed for maximum benefits
  • Apply Anti-Stress 550® to young trees at 30 day intervals to reduce moisture loss in new growth and promote vigor
  • Anti-Stress 550® may be reapplied at any time if additional coating is needed due to extreme weather conditions

Creates a semi-permeable elastic membrane that reduces moisture loss in plants during adverse weather.

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