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What is PollinAID?

PollinAID provides nutrients, polyamines and organic acids that support and enhance plant fertility.

  • Improves pollen hydration and germination
  • Improves pollen tube growth and viability
  • Increases number, size and uniformity of fruit sets

How does PollinAID work?

PollinAID contains nitrogen in the form of amine and micronutrients to maintain high enzymatic and hormonal activity during the reproductive phase of plant growth.

  • Potassium is provided to regulate anther dehiscence, pollen hydration/imbibition, and pollen tube growth
  • Boron-amine complex fosters pollen viability, seed set, carbohydrate and nucleic acid metabolism, cell differentiation and maturity, sugar transport, uptake of calcium, magnesium, potassium, synthesis of cytokinins, translocation of auxins, and root tip initiation
  • The polyamine complex aids in pollen germination, hydration, viability, pollen tube growth, accumulation of secretory vesicles in pollen tubes, and fertility
  • Minimizes abortive flowers, and increases fruit sets and yield

Which crops?

  • Berries
  • Fruit and nut trees
  • Broadacre/field crops: corn, canola, hops, soybean, other pulses
  • Field and greenhouse vegetables

How is PollinAID applied?

PollinAID is a foliar spray and should be applied in the early morning or late afternoon, when air temperatures are below 23°C (73°F) and there is little to no wind. The concentrated formula is mixed with water for either ground or aerial application at the following stages of growth:

  • Canola, hops, soybean, other pulses: 5-30% bloom stage
  • Corn: at tassels stage
  • Fruit and nut trees: 10% bloom stage; repeat at 50% bloom stage (with a minimum of 3 weeks between applications)
  • Tomatoes, vegetables: 5% - 20% bloom stage
  • Berries: 5% bloom stage; repeat at 50% bloom stage

Science & Research

INCREASED POLLEN TUBE GROWTH: Active Flower™ contains nitrogen, potassium, and polyamine complex which support pollen tube growth and accumulation of secretory vesicles in pollen tubes.

INCREASED FERTILIZATION: Active Flower™ helps regulate anther dehiscence and pollen hydration, and increases pollen volume and viability.

INCREASED VOLUME AND SIZE OF FRUIT SETS, PODS, AND SEEDS: Active Flower™ increases the fertilization and also supports carbohydrate and nucleic acid metabolism, sugar transport, cell differentiation and maturation, resulting in a higher volume of larger, uniform, high quality fruits, pods, and seeds.

INCREASED BEE VISITATIONS: Polyamines present in Active Flower™ help attract bees, resulting in greater fertilization and minimal abortive flowers.

INCREASED NUTRIENT MOBILIZATION AND ABSORPTION: Active Flower™ boosts the uptake of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

INCREASED PERFORMANCE UNDER STRESS CONDITIONS: Active Flower™ benefits are unaffected by unfavourable conditions, maintaining its ability to simultaneously upregulate desirable pathways and downregulate undesirable pathways, allowing plants to maximize their genetic potential under cold, wet or drought conditions.

PollinAIDTM maximizes the genetic potential of your crops and ensures higher yields per plant.

PollinAID 500 label