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Promotes strong rooting and development in cuttings and young plants, in greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals.
Propagate your best sellers with our proprietary blend of organic acids, natural chelators and seaweed extract.

When to Use
After planting plugs or rooted cuttings.

ReRoot encourages strong rooting and development in cuttings and young plants. Plants that have had their roots damaged by insects, soil borne diseases or sustained any other damage to the roots benefit as well from the encouragement of root growth.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
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How it Works
ReRoot is a mild solution of phosphate and potassium that fosters elongation of the primary root, and an increased number of laterals roots and root hairs, protecting the plant from shock by allowing nutrient uptake sooner.

This product is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. If compatibility is uncertain, conduct a jar test before use.

Application Rate
In perennial crops, apply ReRoot at 5 L / acre.

For use of ReRoot only, mix 10 ml of ReRoot with 4 L of water.


In perennial crops, apply ReRoot through the drip system. ReRoot can also be applied as a directed drench in enough water to get thorough coverage of the root zone and deliver the solution to the roots.  When drenching, the solution should be applied to moist soils and receive rainfall during the application or shortly after to deliver the product to the root zone.

For use with cuttings, pre-soak the media prior to planting.

For transplanting, after planting plugs or rooted cuttings, apply as a drip feed or drench.

If mixing with other agrochemicals, add water first, then the agrochemical, then ReRoot.


ReRoot 500

ReRoot encourages strong rooting and development and contains a proprietary blend of organic acids and natural chelators.