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About Us

Jason Smith
Co-founder, Crop Advisor

Jason Smith is a farmer; as was his father, grandfather and great grandfather. With farming in his blood, Jason is passionate about helping other growers succeed. HIs experience and determination to improve farming technique, has led Jason to an international network of experts, where he exchanges knowledge on the latest in research, product development, yield optimization and operational efficiencies. Jason has presented at the BC AgriTech Innovation Challenge and the Blueberry School conference in Korea, and has served on local, national and global industry organizations.

Jason’s areas of expertise include:

  • property acquisition and development
  • irrigation planning
  • equipment & technology
  • hiring, training and employee management
  • budgeting
  • sustainability
  • food safety
  • soil management
  • plant nutrition
  • pest management
  • pruning technique
  • harvesting
  • processing
  • packaging


Mike Boot
Co-founder, Crop Advisor

Mike’s farming roots go back to some of the first homesteads in Alberta, driving him to find ways to sustain the farming legacy by learning about and integrating new scientific research and technologies into today’s farming operations.

Graduating at the top of his Agricultural Engineering class, Mike had the opportunity to apply his knowledge while gaining hands-on experience in the Alberta and British Columbia agricultural industry. He worked his way up from Field-man to Farm Manager to General Manager, assisting other farmers, while using his efficiency techniques to operate his own successful mixed berry, tree fruit and vegetable farm at the same time.

Mike has a wealth of experience providing agronomic advice on berry, vegetable, hops, nuts, and tree fruit crops; turf, nursery, and greenhouse operations; and he has developed several products and programs in use by the horticultural industry. He has served on a number of boards and committees, and has presented at several agricultural shows.

Mike’s areas of expertise include:

  • General Management
  • Equipment & Technology
  • Weather & Soil Moisture Stations
  • Sustainability
  • Soil Management
  • Production Management
  • Crop Protection
  • Pest Management
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Specialized Product Formulation

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